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Top Choice 2-in x 6-in x 16-ft Fir Lumber.

Shop top choice 2-in x 6-in x 16-ft fir lumber common; 1.5-in x 5.5-in x 16-ft actual in the dimensional lumber section of. 2 x 6 x 16' 2 and Better Douglas Fir Construction/Framing Lumber. Douglas Fir is recognized for its superior strength-to-weight ratio and has the highest ratings of any western softwood for extreme fiber stress in bending. It has the ability to season well in place because of its natural dimensional stability. Douglas Fir Post and Beam Products. To get a quote on any of these products go to our RFQ Page For technical information on Douglas Fir see this page, or the Fir species page for more general info. Next Image. Available Timber Grades.

your average Douglas fir weighs 35 lbs per cubic foot witch equals 2.005208 lbs. per linear foot for 2x6 so a 16 footer would weigh approx 32.083 lbs. answer from Pocket Reference third edition, Thomas J. Glover math done by me. 5.5 x 1.5=8.25 c.i. per linear inch x 12"=99 c.i. per foot x 16 feet = 1585 cubic inches divided by 1728 12x12x12.
What is the load ratings for a 4×6 kd fir beam with a 11' span between bearing points? 3 load points at 2'9", 5'6", - Answered by a verified Structural Engineer.

The listing, 4X6X16 douglas fir beams has ended. I have 5 4X6X16 beams previously used on a deck. 3 are unpainted with nail holes, and one is painted. Douglas Fir 77 Ipe 24 Jatoba 2 Lacewood 1 Lysaloma 1 Mahogany 31 Maple 6 Paduak 1 Poplar 28 Purple Heart 1 Radiata Pine Clear 35 Red Oak 22 Rosewood 2 Sapele 11 Spanish Cedar 1 Spruce 27 Teak 6 Tropical Almond 2 Utile 2. View photos of Specialty Beams products such as timber trusses, arches, corbles, rafter tails, wood siding, and much more. Douglas Fir in horizontal roof rafters and maximum span. Sponsored Links. Douglas fir maximum horizontal roof rafter span for Lumber Grade Selected Structural and No. 1 and No. 2, are indicated below. Max. dead load weight of structure and fixed loads 15 lbs/ft 2. Use the span tables below to determine allowable lengths of joists and rafters, based on size and standard design loads. You can also use the Wood Beam Calculator from the American Wood Council website to determine maximum rafter and joist lengths.

4 In. x 6 In. x 16 Ft. Douglas Fir Beams 2 &Better VSHE4616DF - 4 In. x 6 In. x 16 Ft. Douglas Fir Beams 2 &Better Our rough cut lumber is milled primarily for custom orders - please call to make an order or check availability. Lumber is full dimention - custom cut orders have a lead time of 3-6 weeks. Congleton Lumber & Design Center has an extensive variety of dimensional lumber products, from stainable interior lumber such as mahogany, poplar or oak to durable exterior species including western red cedar, ipe or redwood.

Spans shown in the Western Lumber Span Tables and the Product Use Manual were calculated using Western Lumber Base Values as published in WWPA’s Western Lumber Grading Rules. These spans relate to products manufactured from U.S. Western species and are not appropriate for use with products manufactured from species imported from other countries. Douglas fir is one of the world’s best timber producers and yields more timber than any other tree in North America. The wood is used for dimensional lumber, timbers, pilings, and plywood. & Custom Timber Frame Shop 208-264-0372 Rough Sawn Planed Hewn. CEDAR LUMBER 3X6 CEDAR BEAMS supported by 6X6 CEDAR POSTS "Trimber-Frame" I was at a Timber Frame show and the guy presenting spoke that term in disgust while describing people who use big cedar timbers as accent points instead of a real Mortice and Tenon Timber Framed structure. Span Calculator for Wood Joists and Rafters also available for the Android OS.

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Douglas Fir grows throughout Western forests with the most abundant region being in the coastal climates of Oregon, Washington and northern California. In the Inland Region, east of the crest of the Cascade Mountains, Douglas Fir and Western Larch often grow in intermixed stands. Lumber Douglas Fir Premium Three new lumber premium cuts: 6x10x20 Douglas Fir 4x6x16 Douglas Fir 4x6x14 Douglas Fir Purchased brand new but did not end up using.

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LENGTHS LONGER THAN 20' ADD $2.OO LF CHARACTER LOGS ADD $2.00 LF MAKE NOTE Log diameters are measured at midspans unless specified otherwise. 30/03/2006 · I assume by PT you mean pressure treated, and yes that would be for PT softwood, most of the construction timber we get is stuff like pine/hem-fir/douglas fir etc, and mostly PT. Once dried the PT isnt going to wiegh any more than non PT, at least I dont think it does. 01/10/2002 · How to Compute the Spans for a Deck How to Compute the Spans for a Deck. Building a deck? Then you'll need. Douglas fir and Southern yellow pine are strongest, but Southern pine has more of a tendency to warp. Hem-fir is a designation that includes hemlock, fir, and other species that grow in the same stands.

©2019 Goodrich Lumber. Site Design by Projection Creative and built on BuilderWire. Timbers are the largest pieces of solid sawn lumber produced by sawmills, typically 5-inches wide and larger. The use of Humboldt Redwood timbers for timber framing and exposed beam construction can produce dramatic results and lend the natural beauty and strength of Redwood to building projects.

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